Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers

We have a vast growing range of approved local & national suppliers, all with a proven track record of experience & professionalism.

What you need to know

We DON’T supply the medical cover or training courses - we simply put you in contact with companies and individuals that do.

Approved Suppliers Only - we only work with companies of event medical cover and medical training courses providers that meet our standards.

Experienced & Professional - all our suppliers have all the necessary experience in their particular field. They all hold relevant insurance and qualifications and will provide the right equipment and staff for each role.

Choosing a supplier is your choice - we cannot give any preference in choosing suppliers. You simply need to decide which company is the best fit for you.

The benefits of using us

  • We only used approved suppliers. There’s a face to all our suppliers and you can find more information on them via our page.
  • No awkward haggling. Unless you change your requirements you will receive the best price upfront for your event or training course. Saving you the need to haggle!
  • Price Confidence - no hidden costs. The quoted price is the price you will pay! Plus the site is always free of charge to use.
  • We promote the highest quality. We constantly check our suppliers are doing a good job and make sure they’re providing you with a service we expect.

Have an issue to report?

Should any problems arise, feel at ease that we’re here to help. We will act as a independent party and help to resolve any issues you may have. All issues should be sent to info@themedicalnetwork.co.uk.